Our work speaks for itself

Don't just take our word for it.

Sandra H.; Columbia, SC; 2019

"It all started with a backsplash. I had a unique vision of my kitchen built around this gorgeous backsplash I found. John was patient and helped me fulfill what my house needed. I wanted to preserve my memories while creating new ones and he did just that. He saw the need for remodeling and worked with me to make my vision a reality. I've had my house for 22 years and it was long overdue for maintenance. He worked on the plumbing, gave selection assistance, restored my 20+ year old wooden cabinets I wanted to take down, and so much more. He saw something in my kitchen I wasn't able to see. He took something old and made it beautiful. He was prompt, honest, hardworking, and punctual. Now, I'm the envy of the neighborhood. My house has never caught this much attention. I can't stop cooking! I wake up to a beautiful, inspiring kitchen that has far exceeded all expectations."

Kenneth P.; Charlotte, NC; 2020

"I had severe storm damage to my roof for about 2 years. Before the storm, a previous contractor didn't repair my roof properly. Needless to say, this old roof was in serious need. I experienced constant leaks that drove me and my family up the wall (or roof, sorry). I got opinions from multiple contractors, none of which could identify the problem. I came across John's card and, as a last resort, I called. It took him literally TEN minutes to crack the code. His pricing was reasonable. He completed it faster than I expected. He was such a cool guy, too. I finally can take pride in my house again. No more buckets and ugly brown leak spots!"

Ruth B.; Columbia, SC; 2016

"My granddaughter is writing this review for me. I have been a customer of Prestige Home Services for years now. John has always told me, "whatever you need, ma'am, I'd love to help." He really meant it, too. Once I called him because I needed help and didn't have anyone else to ask. He drove all the way to my house just to help me take the license plate off my car. That's what I call customer service. Bless his heart"

Ashley K.; Rock Hill, SC; 2018

"My mom battled Breast Cancer for 3 years. She recently went into remission, so my siblings and I wanted to do something for her. She lost a lot of energy and her house showed it. She used to always keep a gorgeous, neat, and clean house. She also believed a bathroom is the one place everyone should keep private and relaxing. We were looking for contractors in her area and found Prestige. We didn't know what she'd want so we just told him about her and how her house looked when we were growing up. We let the rest be up to him. He consulted us before making final decisions, but it was really his vision. And wow... he did amazing work. He transformed her old, tired bathroom into a sanctuary. My mom cried and cried when she saw it. It highlighted who she was and who we knew she could be again. I don't know how to thank him enough."